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On the selling of pepper: Sherwood, Auxerre, Bacon, and Spain

After our brief political digression last week, this week we’re back to the pepper puzzle. Since writing that post, I’ve been continuing to collect data on how medieval authors analysed these two sentences: (1) Pepper is sold here and in … Continue reading

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A medieval puzzle of generic subjects and conjunctive predicates

Last weekend I had the pleasure of giving a keynote talk at the Twelfth Annual Cambridge Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic. I was asked to give an overview/introduction to medieval logic (here are my slides), working … Continue reading

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Medieval logicians on ‘and’, Part 1

Another item on my todo list reads “24. Med Log on &”. So much research time and effort is put into the conditional, or the consequence, and also into negation, while other propositional connectives are relatively little discussed, at least, … Continue reading

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