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John Trevisa on the rational soul

Earlier this week I picked up John Trevisa’s Middle English translation of Bartholomeus Anglicus’s De Proprietatibus Rerum ‘On the Properties of Things’, for reasons entirely unrelated to logic and philosophy (mostly because I wanted to learn things like “why do … Continue reading

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Syllogism Mnemonics

The other day a colleague of mine asked if I had anything I could send him regarding the medieval syllogism mnemonics. I told him there was some info in the textbook I’m writing, but it’s rather idiosyncratic to the way … Continue reading

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The Historian (of Logic)’s Craft – A conversation with Calvin Normore

Today, rummaging through my files, I stumbled upon the transcript of a very informal interview I had several months ago with Calvin Normore, for an issue of The Reasoner that I guest edited. Since it might be of interests for the readers of … Continue reading

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