Blinkered approaches and narrow-minded European-centrism: an apology

Last week I posted a quick and dirty recommended reading list for “getting started in medieval logic”, as the title of the post said. This post was shared in the Medieval Logic FB group, where it immediately sparked a discussion centering on one very important fact: What I recommended was a list of books for getting started not in “medieval logic” but in “medieval Latin logic”. As if the Middle Ages were only the European/Latin contributions, and completely overlooking the foundational developments by the Arabic logicians!

So this post is a both a public apology — by now, I really should know better than to essentialise and center the Latin practice so! — and also a promise. There are plans in the making to have a guest post, next week or the week after, on “What Should I Read?” which will contain only recommendations on sources from the Arabic tradition. Broaden your horizons! Be a completist! Don’t be like me! 🙂

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