Introduction: Graziana Ciola

Hi, everyone!

I am Graziana – and I am so late it was fashionable a few seasons ago.

I am completing my PhD in Philosophy (History and Philosophy of Logic) at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa. My work focuses on Medieval Logic – in particular on XIV century theories of consequences – and on the notions of consequence, inference, entailment, validity. My thesis, under the supervision of Massimo Mugnai (SNS) and Calvin Normore (UCLA), is on Marsilius of Inghen’s Consequentiae – text of which I am preparing also a critical edition.

My main research interests are in the history of late medieval philosophy, medieval scientific thought, history and philosophy of logic.

I like to think that “…. philosophers’ convictions about the eternity of problems or conceptions were as baseless as a young girl’s conviction that this year’s hats are the only ones that could ever have been worn by a sane woman.” (R. G. Collingwood, An Autobiography, Oxford 1939, p. 65)


About grazianaciola

Bene nati, bene vestiti, et mediocriter docti. Medievalist, logician, philosopher (?), incorrigible procrastinator, tea drinker, and fond supporter of the Oxford Comma. If it is in Latin, I probably like it; if it is wrong, I almost certainly like it too.
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