Spotlight on William of Sherwood

When one thinks of the big names of medieval logic, it’s probably ones like William of Ockham, Jean Buridan, and Walter Burley that come to mind — or, if you’re a 13th C person, maybe Peter of Spain. So people who’ve ventured to this blog may be surprised at how largely (literally) William of Sherwood’s name features in the tag cloud on the right-hand side.

There’s a reason for this. It’s because much of my recent medieval logic reading, and hence my medieval logic thoughts, have been directed at Sherwood as I have been working on a Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on him (this will come to little surprise to members of the Medieval Logic Facebook Group, given the number of posts I’ve posted there recently involving him). Anyway, I’m very pleased to note that the entry was published last night, and that you can now read it here.

In the course of writing this entry, I also put together a bibliography of material related to Sherwood, which at present contains 50 items from Martin Grabmann’s first edition of the Introductiones in 1937 to the present time. I will be maintaining this on a continual basis, so if there is anything that I have missed, please send me an email!

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