“Who’s on first?”, or, the things you find on the internet

In the last few days while scouring the internet for references to William of Sherwood, I have come across some absolute gems buried in the depths of the web. Here are two.

First, google brought me to Roy J. Pearcy’s Logic and Humour in the Fabliaux: An Essay in Applied Narratology, which actually discusses Sherwood’s views on fallacies in various places. Pearcy appeals to Sherwood’s discussion of fallacies of the second mode of accentus, fallacies which “result from errors in juncture”, and argues that this fallacy occurs:

in the fabliau Estula, where the initial comic scene depends on confusion between Estula, the name of a dog, and ‘Es tu la?’ the enquiry ‘Are you there?’ (Pearcy p. 42).

It’s a medieval version of ‘who’s on first?’!

Second, google gave me this beautiful madrigal arrangement of the ‘Barbara, Celarant’ mnemonic for syllogisms:

Listen closely to see if you can hear your favorite! (Frisesomorum comes in around 20 seconds, and I’m not sure you’ll find anything better, today at least, than a choir singing “frisesomorum” in harmony. You’re welcome.)

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