Introduction: Bianca Bosman

Hi all. My name is Bianca and I’m a PhD student at the University of Groningen. I did my bachelors (Philosophy and Classics) and my research master (Philosophy) there as well. My master’s thesis was on the notion of validity in Stoic logic. For my PhD, I skipped forward in time a bit, and now I’m studying medieval theories of consequence.

In particular, my research mainly concerns one criterion that is used to determine whether a consequence is good or not: the containment criterion. (More on what this criterion entails in a future post.) The main purpose of my research is to compose a genealogy of this notion of containment. I am currently working on the roots of the criterion in Boethius and Abelard, and soon I will turn to the thirteenth and fourteenth century uses.

It should be obvious by now that the history of logic, especially in its earlier days, is of great interest to me. I am also interested in most other subjects which fall under the domain of theoretical philosophy – and then again particularly their history. Other things ancient and medieval are also fair game. Finally, a new hobby I’m currently developing with the help of some colleagues and students in Groningen is paleography. Other things I like but which will not make further appearances on this blog are: my dog Luca (Lukasiewicz) and my cat Sokje (Socrates), archery, yoga, reading (fantasy), cooking, hiking.

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